There's a reason why we all get done up for our nights out or buy new clothes for a job interview. It's the reason we brush our teeth, comb our hair and snap our selfies. Looking good means feeling good and there's nothing wrong with that. How many times has a new outfit gave you that confidence boost you needed or when someone tells you "there's different about you" and "you look great" the smile it puts on your face. Things like that can and do make our days every time. That feeling can change a lot inside you, can push you to reach further, succeed greater, it can carry you, make you float enough to get you through another day. It's a feeling everyone has a right to feel.

Now imagine never having it. Imagine not having the luxury of putting on a new outfit or buying those new clothes for school, work or just life. How would it feel if there was nothing to help you float those bad days. No "look good, feel good" vibe to feed off of. To the homeless youth of America that is a feeling all too real, basic needs we take for granted that leaves a hole. An empty space. Shovel Brand exist to fill that void for the ones who go without.

Shovel Brand is a clothing and accessories company devoted to bringing that look good feel good vibe to everyone. 100% of our profits go to clothing homeless youth in need. Beyond complete profit donation, most of our products are part of a 1 for 1 program.  The idea is to get you, me, anyone-everyone connected to simply helping people. When you log on and buy a shirt from Shovel Brand, you're also buying a shirt for a student living in a shelter. So when it arrives in you hands, it arrives in theirs. When you wear your Shovel shirt, you not only look good but you can feel good knowing another human is wearing that shirt who needed it. The best part is when someone asks you what you shirt means, you now have the opportunity to spread the word and grow this vision bigger than we could imagine. A movement is only as strong as the people pushing it, the more hands in, the stronger we become. Join us to help dig the world out of the mess its buried in.